Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I have no real excuse.

So, I'm awful at this...this thing called writing. Not that I'm bad at the actual act, only at doing it with any sort of consistency, which any fool who reads this blog probably already realizes.

Have I been doing any house projects? A few here and there, but the winter temperatures and loads of snow slowed things waaay down.

The kitchen is half painted, awaiting a day when I can move the larger appliances to the middle of the room and feel secure enough to climb up on the counters to paint the soffit. I still don't have anything hanging on the walls, as I feel loathe to commit to it without another set of eyes to verify I'm not screwing it up.

My desk, secretary, piano, and new dresser have not been moved in yet. We were all set to do it the weekend of my birthday, and then the snows fell, lots of snows...making that almost impossible. And since then schedules have not accommodated.

I have tons of projects I want to do...outside, inside (the floors still need the last finishing touch put on them!). Lots of projects tends to require lots of money, which I don't have at the moment...And time.

And on that note I'm back to the writing thing. So, that time to do projects and even to write on this blog is under serious strain from something else. I'm working on a writing project. Up until now, it's been one where I meander through it, only working on it occasionally when "inspiration" hits. Suddenly, however, I have a deadline looming over me and a frightening but exciting prospect of forward momentum there as well. This requires focus, something I admit does not come naturally. But, I'm going to do my best!

Until then, I'll just take a few moments every day to watch the birds at the feeder, walk the dog, and appreciate what I already have!

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